I was born in Austin, TX, to an Army Helicopter Brigade Leader/ordained minister father and civilian military mother. My childhood was short-lived in Texas as we moved to Germany when my family was moved to Stuttgart Germany. We left Germany when I was four years old and relocated again to Georgia {The peach state not the former soviet province} I used to play in the pines in the back yard and make forts and stuff like that. In 3rd grade we moved again to the country of Panama. I spent 6 years running around barefoot in the canal zone. This is where the better part of the growing up that formed me took place and the mayhem all started. I got to ride the Queen Elizabeth 2 through the canal. Growing up I was a little hellion when mommy and daddy weren’t looking. We used to ditch school to go surf a lot. Sneaking off to the beach, playing with iguanas. I ate monkey with Cuna Indians. The last part of my stay there I volunteered in a camp for handicapped kids.

When I was in 9th grade we moved back to the Austin area. That’s I assembled my crew the Fantastic 4. My girlies to death they are, I cant say their names here as they are lawyers, teachers and bankers now. High School was crazy if you weren’t with us, we were against you, and honestly we preferred you not being with us. We ruled the school and made the boys drool. I would go back to High School tomorrow and do it exactly the same. We were the girls all the other girls loved to hate. We also killed it on the soccer field. I was not afraid to kick a bitch in her twat for an on field misconduct…I was the MASTER of getting away with things when refs weren’t looking. If I was out for blood the girls knew how to distract the authority on the field. We were a team like that and that’s how we will always be. I love my girls. As for the boys in High School, lets just say I have A LOT of fans from HS right now, anyone who knew me in High School could have guessed I would have ended up in porn.

After High School I went up to Evanstan,IL to play soccer for Northwestern. 2 years of mayhem in the Greater Chicago are ensued. I had to clean up my act a bit on field but I was still a forced to be reckoned with off the field. Due to a medical issue with my mom I chose to leave school to be wit my family.

After all of that worked itself I spent a few years in Dallas and Denver before winding up here in so-cal shooting for your favorite companies. Before I actually started in porn I did a lot of print, web and catalogue modeling for car magazines and apparel companies mainly in the action sports segment.

I have a nice house in a quiet neighborhood in Huntington Beach,Ca. I like to take my 2 Bassett Hound puppies Kona and Hilo down to the beach to play. I love my ocean breeze. One of my favorite hobbies is classic cars I adore old cars and I have 3 vintage VW’s myself. A 1964 Bus, a 1959 Single Cab, and a 1964 European Notchback. I also love live music mostly punk and rock and I have a lot of great friends in amazing bands such as Death By Stereo,Rise Against, Strung Out, GlassJaw, I am Ghost, Static-X and many more{I never have slept with a musician fyi so these guys are actually friends} I am here in so-cal to stay and build my career up and I look forward to bringing many exciting road things to you and leaving my little mark on the porn industry.

If you made it this far I’d like to thank you;-)