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Archive for September, 2011

So as you all know August 18th was my 2 year anniversary in the porn business! I have been having so much fun creating smut for you!!!!! And I will continue growing and preforming for years to come!!! This is just the beginning! :)
That being said I wanted to share with you a funny BTS (Behind The Scenes) story from my first shoot!
My first scene was for Naughty America and my male talent and director was Christian. I showed up nervous (after all it was my first scene …. and I had seen pictures of Christian, not only is he tall but his cock is HUGE) and when Christian walked in … well he TOWERED over me!!! (which didn’t help with the nerves) He was eating a cookie, now when I say cookie this was more like a small pizza sized cookie! And I asked “That isn’t a peanut butter cookie is it?” He replied “Yes! Wanna a bite?” (now see the thing is I’m allergic to peanuts, deathly allergic …. Something I never thought I would have to say or explain on a porn set) So I nervously explained to Christian my allergy and he quickly got rid of the cookie and brushed his teeth.

Now on to the scene …. If you have seen it you know it is a POV (Point Of View) scene and there is no script, so it’s all ad-lib. But there was a camera guy as well as obviously Christian. The scene started with me paying the bills in my beautiful new house that my husband provided for me, while I’m lucky enough to just stay at home and be pretty. My husband (Christian) walks in after playing golf all day with his buddies, and we “Make Love” (if you can call pile-driver making love lol) in the office, a room we had not yet christened. Well …. We had to do at least 4 takes of the intro because I kept saying “Oh I didn’t hear YOU GUYS come in” lol the scene didn’t call for my husband bringing home a friend, so it took me a few takes to figure out the correct verbiage.

Then it was onto the BJ (Blow Job) I was soooooooo extremely nervous my throat and mouth were dry! (doesn’t make for a good BJ) So Christian showed me an amazing “cure” for dry mouth …. (which to this day is one of the best advices and tricks I’ve picked up in the industry) He had me get on my knees, held the back of my head, and forced his HUGE cock down my throat! AND YUP THAT DID IT!!! I had so much spit in my mouth it was stringing out onto his cock and all over me!! ;)

Then it was sex time!!! That was an amazing scene and an awesome way to start my career!!

Well anyways if you haven’t seen my first scene … or you wanna watch it again here is a link!!!
Naughty America Tour


You can join NA for a three day trial for $1.95 or you can get a whole year for just $7.95 a month and check out my other scenes I’ve done for them!!!! Just click the yellow button to the right that says SIGN UO NOW!

Like I said I love my job and getting you off (OK ESPECIALLY GETTING YOU OFF), and I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!!! So Thank you for being a part of my journey, and stay tuned for LOTS LOTS more!!!!

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