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Today was the first day of summer …. How was your day?!?

My first day of summer was absolutely AMAZING!!!! It started with a sexy dream and arms around me when I woke up, and ended with a walk on the beach! …. I bet ya’ll want to hear about my dream right!?!

Ok well here it goes ….

I kind of faded into this dream much like the movies do when they are playing a fantasy, with light smoke clearing and me not knowing where I was.
The ground around me was perfectly green soft grass, and I was walking barefoot, my long dress (if that’s what you would call it, it was more like a sheer piece of fabric tied together) was flowing tickling the tops of my feet with every step. I was walking towards …. well nothing. It appeared that the world in front of me just came to an end. The closer I got I realized that I was approaching the end of a cliff, and I could hear the sounds of the ocean waves crashing into rocks below.
When I got to the edge I sat down and watched the waves pull in and out. I closed my eyes and could feel my body swaying with the movement of the waves, it became so real, so much so that my hair felt as if it was brushing across my face …. all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe …. as I gasped for air I opened my eyes and I was sitting on a swing going up and down, higher and higher.
Where was I …. what happened to the cliff and the ocean. I was scared. I looked down to see how I would get off of this swing …. oh no …. where had my long flowing dress gone?
Now not only was I concerned on how I was to get off the swing but also why I was naked …. I sat on the swing getting higher and going faster thinking, no screaming in my head STOP I WANT TO GET OFF!! when everything went dark ….
I arched my back with pleasure, my eyes still trying to focus on the darkness around me …. I was no longer scared …. I was in ecstasy! I reached down and pushed his head in tighter to my dripping wet pussy, and I felt two more sets of hands caressing my body! One slowly moving over my tits up my neck and back to my tits, the other set was nails tracing up my calves and tickling my inner thighs then running down my arms! Slowly one by one each of my hands and feet were tied down restraining me …. with every KNOT and wrap of the rope I got more and more excited! Then …. it all stopped.
There was nothing …. I called out “are you still here?” but there was no answer.
Minuets went by maybe even hrs then I heard a whip crack ….
It sent shivers down my spine …. and instantly made my pussy wet!
The world started spinning again I was being twisted and everything around me was still pitch black …. was I facing up or down, the whip cracked again and everything stopped. Dark silence again surrounded me!

I felt the end of a ridding crop tracing over the curves of my ass, my body quivered with anticipation. Then POP, the ridding crop stung as it struck my bare skin. A sexy female voice said “Did you enjoy that?” I couldn’t put into words …. POP “I asked you a question!”
“Yes! Yes!” I screamed …. POP POP “Yes what?”
“Yes Mam” I gasped hoping she would keep hitting me.
She grabbed my face, I could feel her breath on my cheek, she whispered in my ear “now we are going to FUCK you!” and smacked my face. It was dead silent again …. all I could hear was her shoes as she walked away.
A door behind me SLAMED!
I felt strong hands …. a man’s hands, slide over my hips, up my back and pull my hair arching me upward …. one of his hands wrapped around my neck, slowly tightening up while the other one slid between my wet thighs pushing them apart and in one quick move sliding his fingers into my wanting pussy.
He spit on my ass crack and slid his big cock over my cheeks.
Every thrust of his fingers in my pussy made me want it more! I screamed out “PLEASE … please, fuck my ….” I didn’t even get the last word out before his big cock was shoved into my tight little ass hole! In and out with every movement I wanted more!
The quiet dark room was now filled with screams of pleasure ….
His cock pushing deeper with every thrust …. I was so close to squirting all over and I think he could tell. His hands tightened around my neck and a vibrator was shoved up against my clit!
I couldn’t hold out anymore! My body was shaking with enjoyment and I could barely breath …. I was going to CUM!!!

Then it all stopped, they left me there dripping wet and breathing heavy!

Needless to say … I woke up with a smile! And I kept that smile all day long …. on the longest day of the year!

2 Responses to “The Night Before Summer’s Dream”

  • ronnie says:

    That sounded like one hell of a steamy dream! Even got me a little excited! ;) keep the posts coming, dear.

  • ~J~ says:

    wow wat a nice dream thanks for sharing…wish i could be the lucky guy in your dreams…
    hopefully one night you canbe in some of my dreams…

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