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Those of you who know me, know that I am in no way a vengeful person. In fact I am anything but! I am a total believer in Karma and do what ever I can to help people out. That being said I am not writing this out of spite. I am writing this in explanation to my fans (who came out to see me and were not able to) and because I want to make sure that no other girl is put in a situation like this!

I originally wrote this the day I returned home (so February 28th) and afterwards decided not to post it until I gave both the agent and the club an opportunity to fix the situation. Here we are a week and a half after the situation transpired and I am publishing this blog as well as speaking tonight on Spice Radio Sirius 108, XM 248 I wasn’t going to  name any names or call anyone out, but the agent whom I booked with has chosen to ignore me and the opportunity I gave him!

So the club was Legz in Martinsburg, WV and the agent is Ken Shinkle of Lykens Entertainment.

I arrived at the Washington DC Reagan airport, met up with my roadie and was picked up by one of the managers of the club and his girlfriend. (usually I get my own rental car but the agent and the club assured me it wasn‘t necessary) We traveled the 2 hr drive from the airport to the hotel, the car exploding with conversation and laughter! (both of which are key characteristics of pleasant interaction) After we checked into the hotel my roadie and myself set out to get some food. We walked (which by the way I absolutely didn’t mind) to get a few things at Walmart and grab a bite to eat. As we were walking up to the restaurant the manager and his girlfriend, that picked us up from the airport, drove by. They stopped and we all decided to have a few drinks. So after another 2 hrs of pleasant conversation and laughter they dropped us at the hotel and ended that night.

The next day was my first day of dancing at the club. The same manager, who had been driving me around, picked me up from the hotel and took me to the club. I danced 3 sets that night, set up my promo/merch table 3 times and had a blast chatting with the girls, the guests and the management staff of the club. I had a great night, not only was it fun but I made a good amount of money on stage and selling my promo/merch. I could have left at 2 when I was done with my last signing set up, but I was having so much fun I ended up staying til the staff was leaving at 3:30.

I want to start this next part off with – This feature gig I booked through an agent (Ken Shinkle of Lykens Entertainment) that I had never worked with before.

The next day was day 1 of the Tough Man Competition. (which I knew was going on, but I was unaware that I was going to be up in the ring dancing around and talking on the mic.) So I spent a good chunk of the day frazzled and trying to find an outfit to wear. I was picked up from the hotel, again by the same manager, and driven to the competition. By that point I had gotten over the fact that I wasn’t informed of my participation and duties for this event and I was back to being very excited because I had never been to anything like this and even more so I got to sit ring-side! When I got there I was introduced to everyone, including the owner of the club, and then it started. The fights were very entertaining and I did my brief bit up in the ring, where they introduced me as the feature this weekend at the club and I got on the mic and invited everyone to “come out and see me and the lovely girls at the club this weekend, I have 3 shows tonight and 3 tomorrow!” After my lil bit on the mic it was time for me to head to the club.

When I got to the club they said they wanted to start my shows earlier tonight and that my first one would be at 9:45. (now usually when I’ve been in clubs if there’s not that many people there my shows get pushed back a bit) So naturally I thought it was odd that I would be dancing for 5 people, but with no complaints that’s what I did. Afterwards I set up my promo/merch and did my thing. Then as I was getting dressed for my 2nd show everyone from the fights began to show up. They did a lil thing on the main stage for the ring girls then I came out and did my 2nd show! I killed it! People were throwing money and I did rides on the stage which had people lining up! Afterwards again I set up my promo and stuff. After I sold a few pictures and movies, one of the staff members came up to me and said I needed to come with him to the back office. I wasn’t sure what was going on but they said it was about me getting paid so I figured it was paperwork. When I got to the office I was informed I was being paid and would be taken back to the hotel immediately. I was in shock ….. I’ve never been asked to leave early by a club EVER and in fact have actually been asked back to many clubs! The thing that upset me the most was the fact that no one would tell me what I had done wrong except that I wasn’t “working out”. I get it, I didn’t “fit their club”  for some reason the owner “didn’t like me“. That’s fine. Tell me that!! Not telling me anything, saying “I don’t know” is a cop-out! But whatever. I packed my things and was taken (snuck) out the back like a “Red-headed step child” and driven to my hotel in silence.

I sent the agent who booked a message that said  “I’m really not sure what happened but they are sending me home early. Just wanted to give you a heads up”. Now I understand I sent the message at like 2 am and I wasn’t expecting a return response right away but assumed I would get one. (technically I did, but not til Sunday)

I also sent a message to 2 of the club managers (that I had befriended, or so I thought) that basically said “I want you to be happy with the fact that you brought me to WV and if there is anything I can do, I will. If you want me to do paint, lotion or any other gimmick type show I will! Change my music (if that’s the problem) fine, done” But from them I would not receive a response, even when asking about how I would get to the airport. It’s sad really. (I like to portray this hardcore individual that lets nothing get to her, but really my feelings are easily hurt, especially if I have befriended someone. And to have them all of a sudden without reason cut off communication completely!) I have never been in a situation where I was given zero feedback or ignored! The office manager (the one who paid me) before I left said it was probably because they were use to having girls with big elaborate props more like “showgirls” type. And when I did finally get the agent on the phone he confirmed that he usually sends them that type of act and that he cringed when they requested me a “porn girl” because that was not what they were use to getting.

I spent the next 4 hrs or so tearing apart everything I had done over the last 3 days trying to figure out what I had done wrong or what I should have done differently. I didn’t (and still don’t) get it. It’s not like I wasn’t making money (cause I was) or that no one was paying attention to me(cause they were). That I would understand but I did everything the same way I had at all the other clubs I’d been to.

I slept most of the next day to upset to even think. I posted at about 7pm on both face book and twitter that I was sorry but I would not be at the club tonight. Then I starting packing and was just going to brush off this whole experience, when I got a message from a fan on my face book that said they were telling people at the door that I wasn’t there yet (implying that I still would be) so he had waited an hr before he saw my face book status that I wouldn‘t be there. Then I got an email. It was from a fan and the message line read – Why Would You No Show? (reading that put a pit in my stomach and I knew I would be furious by the time I finished reading the email) I clicked it open and the inside read – I drove all the way from Baltimore MD to see you tonight. The club said you no showed and that they didn’t know what happened. Why would you do that? – I could tell this person was really upset and that made me sad! I would never do that to any of my fans! It continued throughout the next few hrs I got about 30 messages from people either calling or going into the club and being told either I hadn’t showed up for the night or that I had no showed.

A few hrs earlier one of the radio dj’s called me and asked if I wanted to appear at one of the other clubs to meet and greet my fans that had traveled to see me. There was another strip club and a local dance club that both said I could come in. I thought about it for a little bit but ended up just staying in my hotel. In retrospect I wish that I had gone to one of the clubs! I could have at least made some of my fans who came out happy and would also probably have sold more if not the rest of my promo/merch that I had brought for the weekend.

Sunday morning time for me to fly home. Thank god a friend of mine had a friend in the area who could pick us up and take us to the airport (which was 2 hrs away) otherwise this story would be way messier! I tried for 2 days to contact someone at the club to figure out a way to the airport, with absolutely NO answer! Talk about unprofessional, and hurtful! Because like I said I really had become friends with 2 of the managers there!

The thing that gets me the most is the response I got from the agent who booked it. I messaged him Friday night as soon as this whole issue began and again on Saturday night (yes it was at like 1 or 2 am on both nights) but I didn’t hear from him til Sunday afternoon! (actually after 1) And his response was oh well you posted that you were going to “Party like a Rockstar” so I assumed you partied too hard and they sent you home because of that! WOW really!?!? Cause if you know me AT ALL you would know that is completely NOT me!!! But I guess that’s my fault, I didn’t know this agent! And on another note if you saw that post then I’m sure you saw all the other ones throughout the weekend talking about the issues at the club. His response for me not getting my full pay was that I got paid for all of my dances even though I did only 5 out of 9 and gave me $50 towards travel so not getting the other $250 for travel is nothing! …. Well really as I understand it (and please correct me if I’m wrong) is that I had a contract! Now if I had not shown up or been too inebriated and not done what I was contracted for fine don’t pay me. But I did show! And I was willing to change my routines and or do what was needed to make them happy. They were the ones who sent me home. They broke the contract or ended it, however you want to look at it, not me!! So on top of the $300 that my plane ticket was the $50 each way it cost to check my bags and the amount I had to pay to get myself to the airport, yes I am more then a little up set that the club didn’t pay me the full amount I was contracted for and that the agent is saying sorry but you got out good! I thought the whole reason to book with an agent is so that you get paid your full amount and that you are treated fairly!

So this is my public announcement : Ladies and Gentlemen be careful who you book with. Make sure you keep a copy of your contract, and please make sure the agent that you are working with is licensed and bonded! Get everything in writing. I prefer to have my own transportation but if you do not try and have a back up plan (incase you can’t get somewhere, like the airport). And always look out for number one!!! You are an amazingly talented person! There is a reason you were booked with an appearance it’s not like you are a random stranger! You are who you are OWN IT!!!

So whether it was my costumes, my routines, my tattoos or my big ass that didn’t “fit” their club – Fuck Em!!! Countless other clubs have loved me! And countless more in the future will too!! So in the words of one of the best “Live your m’fing life. Get your hustle on. Understand people are gonna hate you regardless. Get that out of your head, that fantasy world where people ain’t hating on you. You gotta be grateful. You need haters. WTF you complaining about. WTF do you think a haters job is? To f’ing hate. So let them do their damn job. WTF you complaining about. Ladies if you got 14 women hating on you, you need to figure out how the hell to get to 16 before the summer gets here. WTF you mad about. Fellas, if you got 20 haters, you need 40 of those m’fers. WTF you complaining about. If there are any haters in here right now that don’t have anybody to hate on, feel free to hate on me.” Katt Williams

7 Responses to “My Worst Experience :(”

  • Griffin says:

    That fucking sucks… but it’s good you stayed classy, people like them fuck it up for their customers (YOUR fans)and for you. I’m glad you didn’t let it sour you on dancing…and that you had the patience not to hand out a few good ass whuppings. LOL

  • Industrybyrick says:

    What a bunch of shit! Those guys are assholes… You should sue um..

  • Porsche Dali says:


    I am so sorry to hear this happened to you and yes, you definitely deserve to get your whole pay as stated in your contract. Thank you so much for posting this and letting us other performers know what is going on out there. You are such a wonderful, down to earth person and you kill it every time :-) Keep doing your thing beautiful!


    Porsche Dali

  • Johnny Mots says:

    Sorry about the rough experience. Glad you decided to get your side out there for everyone to hear.

  • Rob Kovach says:

    hi dream Angel. i’m so sorry you went threw that. i think it’s rediculous the level of unprofesionalism some people do. you know what it’s there loss, the fact you were willing to work with them on there standards should of showed them how great you are. i hope you never go threw this again. and i hope your next appearences are good. as for the fans who were upset. i’m sorry you went threw that too. any real fan would know that there were situations beyond your control, i mean after going threw that. be glad you didn’t go to the other clubs. you were to upset. and your fans would understand. unfortunitly thats just part of the business sometimes. well hun. anymore appearences you make i’ll post on twitter for you. take care and i’ll tweet you soon. love ya lots Dream Angel ;-) Xoxoxo Muah!

    @RobKovach999 (just know you’ll always have fan in me, and a friend)

  • Ah…the joys of dancing. I can’t tell you the number of times I had similar bullshit happen…

    …oh, and the agent NEVER sticks up for you. No matter who it is. I got burned by The Lee Network dozens of times. And Continental.

    Not that makes it better. Or right. Unfortunately it’s the nature of this biz. I would bet dozens of girls have similar stories from that club alone…

    Good for you for telling the story on your blog.


  • Alan Partridge says:

    And they say nurses have it tough.

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