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Football has ALWAYS been a part of my life! After all I am from Texas! My earliest memories all include the sounds, smells and emotions of the game!  And I can honestly say “You don’t respect the game until you play it!” One year I decided to do just that!

I saw a few different fliers for Lingerie Football League or LFL and I’m not saying I didn’t want to play or that I wasn’t curious about it, but I’ve always been a cheerleader so I kinda just dismissed the idea … until my bestie talked me into how much fun it would be and the adventures I might have! (Honestly that’s what got me!!! I’m an adventure girl all the way!!) So the next day I was hanging out on the schools football field with about 45 other smoking hott 18-20 year-olds!

We spent the next 3 hours stretching and running drills and by hour 4 I was soooooo ready for the showers! I followed everyone into the locker rooms, most of the girls bitching about how hot it was and how tough the drills were! I grabbed another bottle of water and sat on the bench. One of the captains (Jessica) came up behind me ran her hand across my shoulders and said “I hope to see you back at practice tomorrow (with a coy smile and a wink)!” That sent my heart fluttering into my stomach and made my panties a lil moist! I grabbed my towel and said back to her “I wouldn’t miss it!”

That night I had such naughty dreams about Jessica throwing me down on the field, pressing her tight chiseled body against mine, tossing my helmet off and kissing me hard! I woke up sweating and wanting more!!

The rest of the week at practices I would find ways to talk to Jessica about the rules, techniques and really just flat out flirt with her! I’m pretty sure she got the hint! Thursday night after practice I was one of the last ones to hit the showers. As I was soaping up she turned on the shower next to mine. At first we had a somewhat awkward conversation, but then I looked around … and we were the only ones left! When I looked back at her she was smiling at me. I shyly looked down, she reached over, grabbed my chin and said “don’t be shy! I know you want this!” then she kissed me! Her tongue was so soft and her hands running across my hard nipples made me want her even more! Her hand glided down my body and slid perfectly into my wet, tight, pink pussy! My eyes flew open just as her other hand slid up my neck pinning me against the shower. I had never been with a girl so direct and dominate before I let out a moan and said “oh yes! please …” but I couldn’t get any other words out her hand aground my neck tightened and her other hand moved in and out of my pussy faster and faster! Before I knew it she had her whole fist in my dripping pussy! I came so hard!! I squirted wet sweet cum all over her hand! She pulled it out and shoved it in my mouth! I dropped to my knees and began to lick and suck her beautiful cunt! I couldn’t get enough! She grabbed the back of my head and thrusted into my mouth! I wanted her to cum as hard as I did! She rode my face until her legs began to shake and her juices were dripping down my chin! By that time the whole locker room had filled up with steam and we were both lying on the floor!I could have laid there all night but I could hear giggling down the hall and I knew the volley ball team was headed our way! We quickly finished showering and left for the night!

The next morning they posted a list of who made the team! No surprise my name was on that list! ;) The next 6 weeks would be filled with excitement, orgasms and yes adventure! All I have to say is I LOVE FOOTBALL …. even more so when half naked sexy girls are playing it! ;)

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