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Archive for November, 2010

Hey Guys as you know I have been working really hard on getting everything set for my website! I am so close to getting it up and live for you! :)

I have also had a lot of you want “personal” videos for your private collections! I think that is soooooo FUCKING hott!!! I would love nothing more then to either POV or solo role play for you and just you!!! But in order to do that I need a camera to shoot with.

As you know my personal cameras were stolen and I have not had the opportunity to replace them. One of you suggested that I do a trade for the cameras and I think that is a fabulous idea!! So here are a few options I have come up with!

I chose 4 different cameras so there are 4 different options. The 1 year membership to will be effective the day my website goes live! The POV BJ and the Solo scenes can be themed how ever you’d like! (and there are sooooooo many options/fetishes!!! If you need help we can chat about ideas) :)

1.Canon 60D $1859.95 – 1 year free membership to my personal website –, 1 POV BJ scene and 3 Solo scenes.

2.Canon 60D $1399.95 – 1 year free membership to my personal website –, 1 POV BJ scene and 2 Solo scenes.

3.Canon Rebel T2i $1009.95 – 1 POV BJ scene and 2 Solos scenes.

4.Canon Rebel T1i $869.95 – 3 solo scenes.

Thank you so much for helping me keep you and your cock happy!!!! I can not wait to get started on “personal” videos and have the ability to film content when ever and, more importantly, where ever ;) I want!!!  Muah!!!

PS. If you gift me a camera or anything off of my wishlist please either put a note with the gift that has your name and some sort of twitter or email contact on it or send me a message here or on my twitter!! I want to make sure I thank you and send you off a gift as well!! ;) I have lots of DVDs and other fun things to gift back!!!

This week has been a crazy week for me!!

Tuesday I shot my First Anal Scene with Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video!!! (and yes I will let you know as SOON as it is out!!)

Thursday I worked with Marcus London (the squirt instructor) and he made me squirt in like a matter of seconds!! With just his fingers!! It was insane!! I honestly didn’t know I could do that!!

Friday I set up my streamate account!! Link here:

Saturday (today) I danced two shows in San Bernardino at Flesh!!

Crazy, Busy, Fun and Productive week!!!

Next week is going to be just as fun and exciting!!

Sunday I am shooting a couple of scenes with the lovely and talented Courtney Cummz! And so you don’t miss a min of anything I will be streaming live for the first time!! it’s going to start about 5ish!! (that’s PM and PST) I promise you DO NOT want to miss this!! We are going to have some fun, kinky surprises!! And its behind the scenes footage what more could you ask for?!? Did I mention we will be having SEX!!! And not only is it hot sexy lesbian action but there will be some cock in there too!! Something for everyone!! ;)

Tuesday I’m shooting a photo set for Sinnister Heelz!! Totally bad ass shoes!!

Thursday I am shooting A Girl/Girl scene with Penthouse!! (Not sure who the other talent is yet, but it will be FUN FUN FUN!!) I’m stoked on that cause I haven’t worked with them yet!

And between everything I will be camming!! So keep an eye out for me on Streamate I can’t wait to dress up, take it all off and diddle myself (lol) for you!! :)

Remember to sign up for my newsletter so that you get all my latest updates and be the first to know when I will have content for you to watch on my site!! Thanks!! Muah!!

Hey  guys I took the last month off from shooting to deal with some family issues. But now everything is ok and I am back to work!!!

And I have some very exciting news next week I am going to be performing my very first ANAL scene!!! Yay!!!

Since ya’ll have been such great friends and fans I wanted to share with you some pictures from a few of my previous shoots!! Enjoy!

Remember to Keep checking back for new updates and sign up for my news letter to find out when I will have new content up on my site!!


So today, well tonight, I went to my first Kings game. For those of you who don’t know it is LA’s Hockey team. And from what I understand they are pretty good, something like tied for number one right now.

So as ya’ll know I love sports so an opportunity to learn about hockey and watch it live was exciting to me!! I learned that fighting is encouraged (by the fans not the reffs …. but the reffs don’t discourage it either) and that off-sides is a major bitch in Hockey. If the puck goes past the blue line everyone on the team has to go over the line and the puck has to pass back over it before any of the team members can. CRAZY!!!

But I did get to see a few fights, power plays and one score!! And let me tell you this score was AWESOME!!! The player skated it in backwards the twisted right as he got to the net and BAM smacked it in!!! It was … well for lack of a better word …. AWESOME!! lol

So now I may have another sport to watch … :) owell who’s complaining?!? Not me!!

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