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I have been thinking about sex A LOT  lately!!! Hahaha I know crazy huh!?! ;) And in all this thinking I have … well done lots of masturbating … but also thinking about what I like to do! I am a tease!!! No lie, that’s my favorite part of sex!!! So I have decided to share with you just a couple of my favorite things to do!!! You know as kinda a get to know me or for the ladies so new fun things to try!
1. I love to lightly touch my partners skin. Using my hands, lips, tongue, hair and (most fun) my breath. I start on his chest or back with my fingers gently tracing shapes and words on his skin gradually getting harder and occasionally using my nails. Then I climb on top of him and move in closer and use my breath, getting almost close enough to kiss … but not yet!! (that’s the fun of teasing, make him want it) Then I brush my hair against his skin, all while still running my fingers all over his body. One of my fav things to do is lightly trace my fingers inside his thighs once or twice letting his body completely relax and then on the third go round curl up my fingers digging my nails in a lil as I run my hands up towards his (cough cough) package!! ;) Always lets them know who’s boss and usually tickles a lil! But it will totally make him throw you down and roll on top! Mmmmmmm

Ok from here I move on to tease #2

2. I place myself where I still have leverage underneath my guy and when he comes down to kiss me … I thrust my hips upward moving him just out of kissing range! Then slowly lower him kissing passionately when he gets close enough!!! Best part about this one is you can see in his eyes that he wants you!! do this a couple of times, but don’t make it too repetitive and remember to reward him every now and again!

The best part of being a tease is letting your guy get something every now and again! ;) Keeps him coming back!

Ok Ok that’s enough for now!! I’m going to go masturbate thinking about teasing all of you!!!! Muah!!

Keep checking back I’ll post more of my favorite teasing moves!! And sign up for my newsletter!!! Be the first to know when I start uploading content!!!

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