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Archive for October, 2010

Come Party with me and my friends for a good cause!!!

Hosted by myself – Angel Vain, Coco Velvett, Brandy Aniston and Trinity. We will have adult celebrity bartenders, will  feature special raffles and door prizes and best thing is there is no cover charge for the night!!

Not only will there be sexy adult stars hanging out but there will also be free kick ass music

Prizes were donated by Evil Angel, Pipedream, Wet Lubricants, Doc Johnson, Ocean Cosmetics and Naughty Teddy.

I also want to send a huge THANK YOU out to Slidebar in Fullerton and Josh at Old Shoe Records who helped organized the venue!!! You ROCK Josh!!! And another Ginormous COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU to the amazing Tisha Cavazo for helping me set it up and talking to the vendors to get donations!!! Your the BEST babe Thank You!!!

All of the money we make will go to Aids Walk La under Team Evil Angel.

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow night! It promises to be a GRRRRrrreat time!!! :)

If you can’t make it out but would still like to donate please follow this link!

Golf the game of patience, silence and persistence this is my story about how I learned breaking the rules is more fun with a newly met stranger!
I always loved the movie “Caddyshack” maybe it was Rodney Dangerfield’s classic humor or the cocky sexy playboy style of Chevy Chase but after that movie golf was sexy to me! My brother worked as a caddie at one of our local country clubs and occasionally I would stop by for a beer and to you know see how my little bro was doing! ;)   However, I never missed the cute young men in their sweaters and swinging their big clubs … mmmmm
One day I had a drink too many to drive (see I don’t drink and drive, safety first) so I was waiting for closing time so my brother could take me home. While I was waiting a cute guy came up and offered a beer and conversation :) who was I to say no! But he really got me when he said “I was born to love you. I was born to lick your face. I was born to rub you. But you were born to rub me first … what do you say we take this out to the patio?” lol I just about died laughing!!! I love that quote from Caddyshack ;) so after that he offered to take me for a ride and show me the “back” green.
Ridding in the cart I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I scooted closer to him on one of the turns (you know centrfical force) and “grabbed” his arm for safety and what not ;) It was such a strong arm … made me want him more. He stopped at # 12 explained all about it, looked at me, quietly leaned down and kissed me … that’s when (slyly smiling)I said could we just skip to the 18th hole? I’ve never seen a golf cart go so fast!!
We got there and he leaned over to kiss me again … that’s when I slipped out of the cart looked back at him and said “this way to the hole” ;) He jumped down and chased me all the way to the flag! Throwing me to the ground claiming I won! I slid my hand down his chest and into his pants and said “no I’m pretty sure I won” We began to make out his warm mouth kissing me all over, next thing I knew I was topless and he was kissing around my belly button. I wanted him so bad!! He continued moving downward and before I knew it I was arching my back in pleasure as his tongue was caressing my dripping wet pussy and his big fingers were thrusting in and out! I pulled off his shirt and he worked his way back up stopping at my nipples to tease them for a second. I was sooooo distracted by the nibbling at my neck that I didn’t notice he had taken his pants down. He kissed me really hard and at that second rammed his huge rock hard cock into my wet pussy! I let out a moan in excitement and wrapped my legs around his waist!
It’s a good thing the fairways were cleared off because I am not quite when I’m being fucked!! We changed positions back and forth from him on top me on top then he turned me over face down on the soft green grass grabbed a tight hold on my ass and  fucked my pussy so hard I was clawing and ripping grass out of the ground. I arched up looked him in the eyes and said I’m going to cum!!! He shoved me down and trusted harder! I could feel him getting closer so I tightened my pussy around his cock! He smacked my ass and said “that isn’t fair” he kept thrusting harder and deeper! I was about to explode! I cam all over his cock and at that point the pulled out and cam all over my back!
After that day I have never looked at a golf course the same!! And I know one thing … I would be his caddie ANYTIME!! ;)

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