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Archive for October, 2010

Everyone have a safe and sexy Halloween!!

Remember please Don’t Drink and Drive!!

And for a fun lil laugh Call 413-497-0074 for tips on how to tell the difference between costumed children and actual vampires, monsters, and ghosts.

Have Fun!!! Be Safe!!! And Find someone to Fuck or Suck!!! Muah!!!!

I have been thinking about sex A LOT  lately!!! Hahaha I know crazy huh!?! ;) And in all this thinking I have … well done lots of masturbating … but also thinking about what I like to do! I am a tease!!! No lie, that’s my favorite part of sex!!! So I have decided to share with you just a couple of my favorite things to do!!! You know as kinda a get to know me or for the ladies so new fun things to try!
1. I love to lightly touch my partners skin. Using my hands, lips, tongue, hair and (most fun) my breath. I start on his chest or back with my fingers gently tracing shapes and words on his skin gradually getting harder and occasionally using my nails. Then I climb on top of him and move in closer and use my breath, getting almost close enough to kiss … but not yet!! (that’s the fun of teasing, make him want it) Then I brush my hair against his skin, all while still running my fingers all over his body. One of my fav things to do is lightly trace my fingers inside his thighs once or twice letting his body completely relax and then on the third go round curl up my fingers digging my nails in a lil as I run my hands up towards his (cough cough) package!! ;) Always lets them know who’s boss and usually tickles a lil! But it will totally make him throw you down and roll on top! Mmmmmmm

Ok from here I move on to tease #2

2. I place myself where I still have leverage underneath my guy and when he comes down to kiss me … I thrust my hips upward moving him just out of kissing range! Then slowly lower him kissing passionately when he gets close enough!!! Best part about this one is you can see in his eyes that he wants you!! do this a couple of times, but don’t make it too repetitive and remember to reward him every now and again!

The best part of being a tease is letting your guy get something every now and again! ;) Keeps him coming back!

Ok Ok that’s enough for now!! I’m going to go masturbate thinking about teasing all of you!!!! Muah!!

Keep checking back I’ll post more of my favorite teasing moves!! And sign up for my newsletter!!! Be the first to know when I start uploading content!!!

I’ve never really been a fan of Base Ball until I took a trip around the bases! ;)
Lol I know sounds fun … or tiring depending on how you interpreted it! But believe me it was an experience I’ll never forget.
It started on a foggy morning. I went up to the park to take a nice brisk run. I made it half way around the track when a base ball rolled across in front of me. I stopped to pick it up looking around to see where it may have come from and I saw her. She had her dirty blonde hair pulled up into a lose ponytail with a few pieces framing her face, making her dark eyes stand out. I jogged over to her and said “I think you lost something” smiling and holding out the ball. As she took it out of my hand our fingers touched and a feeling ran down my arm to the pit of my tummy … a feeling, I’ve never had from a girl. She asked if I played and I honestly answered “No, but I would love to learn!” (Truth is I could care less about baseball but I wanted to get to know her and explore this feeling I had …. You know see where it took me!)

She grabbed my hand and lead me to the pitchers mound and began to explain all the positions and what the did. I pointed to the dugout and asked “What’s that for?” She said “That’s where you hang out and wait your turn, either on the field or up to bat.” I smiled and ran over to it, held on to the pole and swung myself to the other side. (letting my hair swing away from me and making sure when I stopped I was looking into her eyes and smiling) I sat down on the bench and motioned for her to come over. We talked for a little bit bout how long and for what teams she played, well she talked I just stared at her lips imaging what it would be like to kiss her. She must have known what I was thinking because before I knew it she had her hand on my leg and was leaning in to me. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and let her warm soft tongue dance with mine. I was immediately wet, not just a little turned on but gushing. My whole body went warm! Her hand slid up my thigh and she curved her fingers around my pussy, kissing me harder with every movement of her hand. I wanted her to just rip my clothes off right there and take that warm soft tongue and lick my pink wet pussy!! Her kisses were amazing and I was arching my back with desire! She began kissing my neck and whispered for me to take off my shorts. In one quick movement my shorts were off and she was between my legs licking up all my sticky sweet juices. Her fingers sliding in and out of my pussy I moaned for more so she buried her face in and pulled my legs around her. I was bucking and ridding her face pushing her head in my fingers wrapped in her hair! I was so close I closed my eyes tight arched my back up and screamed out “O My God YES YES YES!!!” at that moment the sprinklers on the field came on and flooded the dugout with what felt like rain. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The cold water hitting my face and breasts felt amazing and the girl between my legs even better! She slowly kissed up my belly and my breasts before she whispered “Did I make you a fan?” I smiled and let out a little giggle and shyly said (biting my lip) “I will practice with you anytime!”

Yep you guessed it :) it’s me!!!

Angel Vain!!!

And I had soooooo much fun getting nasty and dirty for the amazing Dick Avery!!! I absolutely love his style, his creativity and his …. well you’ll see!!! ;)

There are tons of new “fotoland” updates and sexy sexy “movieland” updates. I played in everything from glitter and chocolate syrup to latex tape and spit!!  There is totally something for everyone!!

All I can say is it’s sticky … it’s nasty … and you can find it all at

Stop in check it out and keep checking in here cause I will have those updates and much much more here soon!!!

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Muah!! Thank you!!! Grab a hold of your cock (or favorite toy) get your lube ready and be prepared to cum over and over again!!!! Hope your ready cause I can’t wait!!!!

I would like to Thank you all for your support!!! The fundraiser and party that we had last Thursday at the Slide Bar Cafe in Fullerton, CA was a huge success!!! We raised over $700. dollars for Aids Walk LA. I am so proud of all the support we got.

I would like to personally thank our sponsors : Evil Angel, Pipedream, Wet Lubricants, Doc Johnson, Ocean Cosmetics and Naughty Teddy.Our photographer : Rick Garcia. And All of our hosts : Coco Velvett, Brandy Aniston, Trinity and Tisha Cavazo! And Josh at Old Shoe Records who helped organized the venue!

We gave out soooooo may raffle tickets and had a lot of fun pulling the winners!! ;)

The fundraiser is over but the cause is still going on! If you would still like to donate please follow this link:

Team Evil Angel currently has 25 members walking in AIDS Walk LA on October 17, 2010. That day, over 30,000 will be walking through West Hollywood in the AIDS Project LA event to benefit people with HIV. Members of Team Evil Angel include Sophie Dee, Angel Vain, Sinnamon Love, Andy San Dimas, Dia Zerva, Sarah Blake, Kelly Divine, Tara Lynn Fox, Holly Hollywood, Wendy Williams, Karen and John Stagliano, Steve Javors of AVN, and industry people Jenny Tse, ‘Porno Bobbie’, Tisha Cavazos, Sarah Doom and Christian Mann.

Thank you to everyone who came out!!! This was a huge success but we still need your help!!

Oh and if you missed it … this is what I looked like as a bartender/table hahahaha good times!!!!

If you want to see the other pictures from the night go to the AVN website :

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