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On my travels I have seen alot of strip clubs and all of them have their own set of rules! When I am booked at the club I get a set of the rules and I have never had the rules change between when I was booked and when I preformed … until now! LOL The day that I arrived in Cleveland Ohio a new law went into effect. They called it 52. Rules really don’t bother me, but then again I always break them so why should they ;) But the owner of the clubs called me personally to tell me the new rules and how important it was to him that they were followed. So naturally I followed them!

The rules were : All the girls had to

1. Have their nipples covered! (so pasties)

2. Have 4 articles of clothing on at all times! (pasties counted as

1, even though you have 2 nipples so 2 pasties and shoes

also only counted as 1)

3. There was ABSOLUTELY no touching any of the customers!

(this included your hair, so the dancers hair couldn’t brush

the guys crotch)

I thought Fresno had interesting¬† rules with their 6 foot laws but Cleveland’s rules were just weird!! The other thing that I thought was interesting was that none of the guys came up to the stage to tip! I thought that was the point of a strip club! lol But it seemed that all of the customers were intimated by all of the dancers. But maybe that’s just how clubs work there! However the guys did come up to tip me when I was on stage so maybe I’m starting a new trend in Cleveland!

So since none of the guys in Cleveland got to see my nipples (they were covered with big black X’s all weekend) … here is a pic for ya’ll!! Muah!!

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