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This last weekend I visited my family in Austin Texas and Partied at Sugars Uptown!!!

The party started on Thursday night with an amateur bikini contest!! There were 5 lovely ladies and lots and lots of alcohol! lol  Oh and I got to hang out with my bestie in the whole wide world!!!! I totally love this girl!! We Partied all night long and even kept the club open 2 extra hrs!! And on the way home stopped by What-A-Burger mmmmmm I love Texas food!!!

Night 2 was my first night of Featuring at Sugars Uptown!! I had sooooo much fun and again we kept the club open after closing hrs cause there were so many people there we didn’t have the heart to send everyone home!! But when I did finally leave I stopped at only my favorite place to go when in Austin …. Taco Cabana!!! I absolutely LOVE their queso mmmmmm and bean and cheese tacos!!!! OMG I may have to go out and get some after I finish this blog :P

Night 3 was by far the BEST night and because everyone was so awesome I decided to do 4 dances instead of 3 and the last one I did was my Sexy StormTrooper Costume!!! It was off the hook!!! Everyone loved the music and the costume!!! It not only rained on that stage it was a monsoon!!! The DJ even added 3 extra songs to my set cause people were still crowding the stage!!! I gotta say my home town brought it!!! and I was sooooo excited Miss. Genocide and her hubby came out to see me and after we left the club we went to Dennys for breakfast!!

That was one AMAZING night!!!! But it was not over yet ….

Something everyone should do if in Austin is take a trip to RoundRock Donuts!!! This place has been here forever and has been featured on alot of Food Network TV Shows!!!

They open daily at 4 am and they bake to order. If your ever in town stop by and get a Texas-size Donut!!! They come in glazed or chocolate covered and are bigger then my head so be prepared to share!!! I got one of each … And of course I shared with my family lol there were 8 of us and we still had left overs :) mmmmmmmmm

Well thanks again for following me on my adventures!!!! I Love you all!!!! Muah!

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  • BoobsToday says:

    I wonder why the donuts are so great in Texas. I’ve been across the whole state and they’re great everywhere you go. Good brisket, good margaritas, good Mexican food, and good… donuts. Yippie ki-yay…

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