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Archive for September, 2010

Last weekend I visited Fresno. I danced 2 nights at Golddiggers and took a small day trip to The Sequoia National Park!

If you have not noticed yet I love SEX, traveling to new places and dancing in strip clubs around America for all of you!!!

Fresno has by far been the weirdest city for me as far as strip club rules! They have a 6 foot rule! Yes you read that right 6 FEET! And so that means that if a girl has her top off or ass exposed the gentlemen in the club have to be 6 feet away from her. So the club was set up very strangely, there was a center stage (it was pretty small) with a  step down to a three foot wide stage and then the tip rail. lol so in order for any of the girls to get near any of that strip clubs patrons they had to have their ass and titties covered! (Whats the fun in that right?!?)

But over all I had a good time in Fresno. I got to hang out with Casper a very talented photographer! You may have seen some of his work on the TITS shirts!! I personally love his “Sunday Wifey” but that may be the football fan in me! ;) I also spent one of my days there visiting one of our nations fabulous national parks! The Sequoia National Park! Home of some of the biggest trees in America!!

Not only does Sequoia National Park have big trees but they have big rocks and waterfalls too!!

While I was in the park I got stopped in traffic! lol yup leave it to me to find traffic in wilderness hahahaha but really they had a 20 min delay in the park due to the fact that they were missing a whole side of the road lol really I guess it just fell off! so one side of traffic would get to travel down the road while the other side had to wait. here is a goofy picture of me waiting …. patiently!!

Over all I had a great time in Fresno and in The Sequoia National Park …. However I was disappointed that I did not get to see a bear! lol maybe next time!!!

So as some of you may know a few weeks ago I traveled to a fun little city in Montana to feature dance called Three Forks! While I was there I dances three nights at Teasers, Passed thru a small section of Yellow Stone and had a fun new experience in my mouth! The manager of Teasers (affectionately know to all as Buddha) not only runs the hell out of that club but is also a hunter, cleans and butchers his kill and is an AMAZING cook! The last night I was in town he brought some Elk up to the club for me to try! The first one he made me was Elk steak covered in potatoes and grilled mmmmmmm it was soooooo good!! The meat itself has a rich flavor kind of like Buffalo it almost melts in your mouth! The second piece of meat was a spicy cheese Elk sausage. OMG I was in heaven three of my favorite things; spicy, cheese and of course sausage!! All I can say is WOW!! I loved the short time I spent in Montana the people I met were very nice oh and best of all they had absolutely no tax in Montana so anything that I purchased was tax free lol

Here are a few pictures from my brief drive thru part of Yellowstone. And this is a really cool picture I took of the Mountains and to my surprise I caught a hawk carrying his prey!!

Stay tuned for more of my adventures!!

Yay!! I’m soooooo very excited!!! This is my first update after being successfully contracted with the Dirty Hard Drive Family!!! Keep checking out my blog and leave your email on the right hand side and I will send you my news letter and updates to my site!!!

My new blog is almost ready!  I’m just finishing up some last-minute touches   8H9MGTD955FT

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