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Archive for September, 2010

This last weekend I visited my family in Austin Texas and Partied at Sugars Uptown!!!

The party started on Thursday night with an amateur bikini contest!! There were 5 lovely ladies and lots and lots of alcohol! lol  Oh and I got to hang out with my bestie in the whole wide world!!!! I totally love this girl!! We Partied all night long and even kept the club open 2 extra hrs!! And on the way home stopped by What-A-Burger mmmmmm I love Texas food!!!

Night 2 was my first night of Featuring at Sugars Uptown!! I had sooooo much fun and again we kept the club open after closing hrs cause there were so many people there we didn’t have the heart to send everyone home!! But when I did finally leave I stopped at only my favorite place to go when in Austin …. Taco Cabana!!! I absolutely LOVE their queso mmmmmm and bean and cheese tacos!!!! OMG I may have to go out and get some after I finish this blog :P

Night 3 was by far the BEST night and because everyone was so awesome I decided to do 4 dances instead of 3 and the last one I did was my Sexy StormTrooper Costume!!! It was off the hook!!! Everyone loved the music and the costume!!! It not only rained on that stage it was a monsoon!!! The DJ even added 3 extra songs to my set cause people were still crowding the stage!!! I gotta say my home town brought it!!! and I was sooooo excited Miss. Genocide and her hubby came out to see me and after we left the club we went to Dennys for breakfast!!

That was one AMAZING night!!!! But it was not over yet ….

Something everyone should do if in Austin is take a trip to RoundRock Donuts!!! This place has been here forever and has been featured on alot of Food Network TV Shows!!!

They open daily at 4 am and they bake to order. If your ever in town stop by and get a Texas-size Donut!!! They come in glazed or chocolate covered and are bigger then my head so be prepared to share!!! I got one of each … And of course I shared with my family lol there were 8 of us and we still had left overs :) mmmmmmmmm

Well thanks again for following me on my adventures!!!! I Love you all!!!! Muah!

Last weekend I danced 3 nights at Club Fantasy a new club in the outskirts of El Paso. I had amazing time!! Thursday I got into town checked in showered and went to the club. This is one of the only full nude clubs in El Paso. They have 2 stages The main one has 2 poles and is in the center of the club and the back stage has 3 poles and is along the back wall! The way they are set up is amazing!
The 2nd day I went to lunch with Fernie. He took me to Carlos and Mickey’s. Mmmmmm that was AMAZING home style Mexican food!!! To be honest I ate way too much!!! After lunch I went to 2 of the malls in the area I was staying in. One of the malls had this store called Jewelry Box and EVERYTHING in there was just $1. Yeah I got a lot of stuff! They had jewelry, make up, hair things and most importantly eyelashes!!! (FYI I love eyelashes) Then I headed back to my room to get ready for night 2 of the mayhem. This night was extra special because one of my friends James B. drove all the way from Las Cruces, NM with a car full of people to see me perform! The club was totally packed!!! It was so awesome to have so many people there to see me!! (just a side note I love you all!! Without you I would not be me!!)
Ok and day 3 was by far the craziest!! I really didn’t do much during the day but the night was crazy! The club was packed again! (Thank you El Paso for coming out to see me!!!) And there was a huge group of guys from Austin, TX (my home town) and these guys were crazy! (oh did I mention that this club is a BYOB and these guys defiantly brought it!! Lol) After my dances we went down the street to a private club (lol a swingers club) to do some signing and picture taking! I’ve been in a swingers club before but none of them were like this one! It was a couples only and they had a buffet, private rooms, public rooms, a dance floor and lots of various games!! I was set up at a table against the front wall. There were people having sex on the couches to my right, two couples making out and grinding in a interesting train on the dance floor in front of me, a weird game of strip pool to my left and I could hear people above me having sex!! This was a hot, totally sexy, open and exciting environment! I was sad I had to leave at 5 lol and happy! (I had sold out of all my 3rd Degree “Big Boob Orgy 2” DVD!! LOL it was right up their alley!!) But I had to go I needed to be packed and headed to the airport by 7 so needless to say it was a rushed 2 hours when I got back to the hotel with absolutely no sleep!!
So Thank you El Paso I had a Blast!!!!!

Last night I had one of the hottest dreams I have had in a while!
There was no intro  it just started hot and heavy. I was laying on a blanket legs wrapped around a big muscular stranger. His big cock thrusting in and out of my tight little pink pussy! The air was cold and our breath was smoking up around us. Our sweat almost turning into ice as it formed on our bodies. He had my arms pinned down to the ground and leaned in to me … I wanted him to kiss me so bad but instead he slowed his strokes and pushed deeper inside me as he pulled closer, my back arched with pleasure, my chin tipping upward and eyes closing tight! I wanted this!

He greeted my hard nipples with his hot mouth making me shake all over and my pussy tighten around his cock! He let go of my arms and slid his hands under my arching back flinging me around in one move so that I was now on top! I scratched my nails across his chest slid my feet onto the ground and began to rid his cock so fast and so hard. My ass bouncing with each stroke! I was so close to cumming!!! He placed his hands under my thighs and helped me move faster pulling me down harder on his cock each time! I came sooooo hard we were both wet with my juices and I could feel his cock getting harder and harder I knew he was about to cum too! I leaned down kissing his chest and teasing his nipples with my teeth. I moved up to his neck and bit him hard … at that moment I could feel him filling my pussy up with his hot sticky cum! I wanted to taste it, I wanted to taste me! I climbed off of his cock and put my mouth around it sucking him dry and drinking down every drip. I could still feel his cum dripping out of my pussy I was so wet I wanted more.

I looked up at him and at that moment sat straight up in my bed! Wow it was all a dream but my pussy was dripping wet and it was pulsing with desire! I needed cock! But I was alone so my fingers had to be enough!

Mmmmmm what a dream! I wonder what will happen tonight!?!

I love when I am given the opportunity to help out! Truly Help! Make an impact a difference in someone else’s life. Recently I was given that opportunity! I traveled to Cleveland Ohio not only to perform as a feature but also to help out in one of the Charities that is near and dear to my heart – VA Hospital. Our Veterans young or old  have fought and given their all for our freedoms.
Sometimes they are injured fighting for us, they outlive their families or they are unable to take care of themselves and that is where the VA Hospital steps in and give them the care and companionship that they need. From helping rehabilitate our fallen soldiers allowing them to continue the fight or preparing them for new adventures; to taking care of our retired troops providing them with food or maybe just companionship, someone to read or play games with the VA Hospital had been there and giving for 80 years. And I will do what ever I can to make sure they are always there for the men and women who make it possible for America to be the country it is with the freedoms and rights that we have.
As far back as my family tree goes I can trace a member from every generation to a branch of the military. Some are Army or Air force others have been Navy and Marines but all of them have made it possible for me to have the freedoms that I do today! So when given this opportunity I could not pass it up!
With the help of the Crazy Horse Clubs and the donations from companies including – adultmart,, volcom, nothing changed, anarchy eyewear, angel eyewear, pipedreams toys and altec lansing we were able to set up an auction and raise over a thousand dollars to donate to the Cleveland VA Hospital. I only wish that I could do that every weekend and am very grateful that I was given that opportunity!
I also want to take a minute to personally thank our Veterans for their sacrifices! I am truly grateful for everything that you have done and will continue to do! It’s not who is our President the molds and shapes America its our troops who continue to fight for our freedoms our rights and I love you for your bravery, perseverance and dedication.
If you would like to volunteer or donate to our troops and the VA Hospitals please visit the link below! Thank you!!!

You can also find them on face book
Or twitter

On my travels I have seen alot of strip clubs and all of them have their own set of rules! When I am booked at the club I get a set of the rules and I have never had the rules change between when I was booked and when I preformed … until now! LOL The day that I arrived in Cleveland Ohio a new law went into effect. They called it 52. Rules really don’t bother me, but then again I always break them so why should they ;) But the owner of the clubs called me personally to tell me the new rules and how important it was to him that they were followed. So naturally I followed them!

The rules were : All the girls had to

1. Have their nipples covered! (so pasties)

2. Have 4 articles of clothing on at all times! (pasties counted as

1, even though you have 2 nipples so 2 pasties and shoes

also only counted as 1)

3. There was ABSOLUTELY no touching any of the customers!

(this included your hair, so the dancers hair couldn’t brush

the guys crotch)

I thought Fresno had interesting  rules with their 6 foot laws but Cleveland’s rules were just weird!! The other thing that I thought was interesting was that none of the guys came up to the stage to tip! I thought that was the point of a strip club! lol But it seemed that all of the customers were intimated by all of the dancers. But maybe that’s just how clubs work there! However the guys did come up to tip me when I was on stage so maybe I’m starting a new trend in Cleveland!

So since none of the guys in Cleveland got to see my nipples (they were covered with big black X’s all weekend) … here is a pic for ya’ll!! Muah!!

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