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ohcdeeohcdee: @AngelVain ima send a fuck you to him.
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FetishDirectorFetishDirector: RT @AngelVain: df1fAttention Directors & Porn Companies I will be in LA Feb 7-18th please contact me directly for bookings AngelVainEntertainment @gmail.comdc8b*
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tweetsfrompstartweetsfrompstar: RT @AngelVain: I never said I became a "star" on my own @Vinniegorgeous I got an agent!! Everyone has to start somewhere ... That's what I did!
7 years ago
Grace_E_XXXGrace_E_XXX: @AngelVain Thanks. I'm weird about that shit.
7 years ago
AngelVainAngelVain: @Grace_E_XXX sorry you didn't do as well as you'd like on your test de15
7 years ago
VIPER44054VIPER44054: @AngelVain hey you have a very sexy smile and a killer body I might add
7 years ago
Grace_E_XXXGrace_E_XXX: @AngelVain <3 How was your birthday?
7 years ago

Here is me right as I got to the convention hall!!

Angel Vain at Exxxtacy Chicago Convention

I spent a lot of the day tweeting and doing crazy video with at Exxxtacy Chicago Convention

We had a ton of friends stop by! from left to right top row Pete (from Pornstar Tweet) Eric (from AFM Agency) bottom row Lupe Fuentes, Evan Sienfield, Angel Vain and Steve (from AVN)

Angel Vain TITS t-shirt

Two In The Shirt aka TITS was in the booth next to us! They came over and gave me a new shirt maybe some day there will be an Angel Vain tits shirt!!!!

I made a deal with all of my twitter followers that if I got 12,000 followers by the end of the convention I would do a live show on naughtytweetlive and … i did it!! So I spent a good 15 min on cam sucking off my lolly!! ;)

Angel Vain Sucking

Angel Vain Sucking 2

And after the convention was over me and Coco had to wait for the boys to pack up so here are a pic of us waiting … patiently I should add!!!

Angel Vain and Coco waiting at Exxxtacy Chicago convention

After we got all packed up we went in search of food!! The first 2 places we went were closed :( so we ended up at TGI Fridays which worked out perfect! Because it was Coco’s birthday (well at midnight) and there was a pirate! lol I wish my phone had not died because then I would have a picture of said pirate but :( I don’t!

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