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Day 2 of the convention
Here is me leaving the hotel!!

Angel Vain leaving the hotel

And just so those of you that weren’t there didn’t miss out on my ass …. here you go!!

Angel Vain's Ass

The convention was sooooo much fun! lots of friends and fans!!

Angel Vain at the Exxxtacy Chicago Convention

And of course there was the Pornstar Tweet Trailer! Wouldn’t be a convention without it!

The Pornstar Tweet trailer at the Exxxtacy Chicago Convention

What a great day!!! I sold out all of my DVD’s in 2 days!!! I’ll know to bring more for next years convention! Man I LOVE you Chicago!!!!

It also wouldn’t be a convention without my boobs against the window of the Pornstar Tweet Trailer!!

And that night we met Lexi Love and Howie for din din!
To get there of course Coco Velvett took a ride on our friend/driver Minus!!

And after din din … it was drink time!!

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