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VIPER44054VIPER44054: @AngelVain hey you have a very sexy smile and a killer body I might add
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Grace_E_XXXGrace_E_XXX: @AngelVain <3 How was your birthday?
7 years ago

So the next day was spent shopping all over Austin to find a dress to wear out with my Besties from High School! And the dress I ended up getting was at Metro Park! I love that store!!

Austin skyline

Here is a beautiful pic of the Austin skyline :) and while I was out I ate at Jimmy Johns! I had a vegetarian sandwich! soooooo tasty!!

Angel Vain headed out

In the car headed out! lol and it looks like my boobie is headed out to! :)

Angel Vain's pink lips

Gotta love pink lips! It’s like my new fav!!!

I had soooo much fun that night hanging out with my 3 best friends! We partied till all the clubs and bars closed and then we brought it back to my house and drank and laughed til the sun came up!!!

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