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Archive for July, 2010

Everyone was so awesome at Bottoms Up Lounge! Charlee made everything go so smooth and the owner Mike runs a great club! I am sooooooo glad that they invited me to come dance there! And here are a few pictures from the night!!

Coco Velvett at Bottoms Up Lounge

Coco Velvet dressed as an adorable school girl! lol however I’m not sure what she is doing in this pic! lol

My first dance!

Angel Vain's first dance at Bottoms Up Club

Angel Vain's first dance at Bottoms Up Club

Angel Vain's first dance at Bottoms Up Club

Angel Vain's first dance at Bottoms Up Club

And this guy totally made my night!!!! He drove 4 hours to come and see me!!! I Love My Fans!!!!

Angel Vain with fan

Here is Coco Velvet with some of the House girls and again with one of the patrons!

Coco Velvett with house girls

Coco Velvett with patron

And me!!! And SHOTS!!!!

Angel Vain with shots

Angel Vain with shots

Here is a great pic of Me, Coco Velvet and Pete! (from Pornstar Tweet) and one of just me and Coco!!

Angel Vain, Coco, and Pete from Pornstar Tweet

Angel Vain and Coco Velvett

And here is me with one of the house girls before my 2nd show!

Angel Vain with house girl

Here are a few pics from my second show!!

Angel Vain's second dance

Angel Vain's second dance

Angel Vain's second dance

Angel Vain's second dance

After my 2nd dance walking around

Angel Vain walking around

And I’m not sure what is going on in this pic but Coco looks hot!

That was a great night and I couldn’t have done it without Eric from AFM Agency, Pete from Pornstar Tweet and of course the lovely Coco Velvet!!!

Day 1 7-13-10

There wasn’t much to it! lol We picked up Coco Velvet from the valley and then headed to Vegas to the Pornstar Tweet HQ to get Pete and the trailer!!

Las Vegas sunrise

This was the Sun Rise on the way to Vegas!

And here is the link to us with the Pornstar Tweet Trailer leaving Las Vegas –

The rest of the day we drove to Denver, Colorado.

Oh and Pete got me a sweet treat at one of the stops!! :)


Day 2 7-14-10

So we woke up in Denver had breakfast and hit the road!

And in case you were wondering when I’m not driving this is where I’m sleeping :) well on this trip anyways!!

Angel Vain in the back seat

One problem with road trips is the fact that we had to use gas station bathrooms!! One of the gas station bathrooms was exceptionally yucky! Coco described it as “it smelled like there was an old man smoking a cigar peeping at us through a dirty glory hole!” ewwwww but yeah sounds about right!! lol

While driving through Nebraska we stopped by one of the last standing locations for the Pony Express! It was really cool!!

The last stop of the Pony Express

Tweetie didn’t wanna be left out so he took a pony ride too!!

Pony Express newspaper

Pornstar Tweet trailer

After that stop we all got on the phone and did a very colorful interview for and here is a picture of Coco Velvet doing her part of the interview!

Coco Velvet on phone

And here is the link and the interview that was posted on Smutlife.com

Whores On Tour: Coco and Angel’s Wild Road Trip

July 15, 2010

Words & Interview by Steve DiLodovico | Smutlife

You want a recipe for instant success? Take two smoking hot porn stars, book a couple of club dates across the country, send them out on the road, stand back and watch the fireworks. That’s exactly what Coco Velvet and Angel Vain decided to do. They loaded up the whip and hit the road, venturing from LA to Chicago (with stops in between) and wreaking havoc along the way. We’re talking random flashing, whipping dildos out the windows and general mayhem and debauchery. Bet you wish you were there. Here’s a little taste of the ‘good’ life as these two little honey’s enjoy ever single minute to the fullest while expressing themselves in the most uninhibited of ways.

SL: This has got to be one of the greatest promotional ideas of all time! How did the trip come about?

Angel Vain: We started in Los Angeles and there’s a show in Chicago called the Exxxstasy Show (it’s actually the first time they’re having it in Chicago). Me and Coco were going to go and just be in the show and Pornstar Tweets was going to come too, so AFM Agency decided to set something up and book a couple of feature gigs on the way up and on the way back. So we talked to Pornstar Tweets and we’re bringing the trailer and then we got Coco on board, Pete and Eric came along and we packed everybody up and took off!

SL: What can the fans expect when they come see your show?

Angel Vein: It depends on the club; different clubs have rules on what you can and can’t do. This one in Omaha is a topless club, so it’s just dancing. You need an all-nude club to get dirty. We don’t have any all-nude clubs set up on this tour, though. There really aren’t as many all-nude clubs as there are topless. I think it’s like that for the safety of the girls: most of the men in America are freaks! (Laughs)

SL: What kind of crazy shit have you been getting into on the road?

Angel Vain: We’re flashing truckers on the road. Every time we stop to get gas we’re dropping off Pornstar Tweets stickers. If anyone comes up to us we’re definitely talking to them. It’s kind of hard not to notice the big trailer with the words “Pornstar Tweets” all over it!

Coco Velvett: Maybe I’ll stick my butt out the window so the truckers will give us a couple of honks. They did all kinds of stuff to me while I was sleeping, too. They put straws in my ears and up my nose and tried to turn me into Coco the walrus. That was cute. I think they tried to do the old draw a fake mustache on the sleeping girl, but I woke up in the middle of it. They’re definitely crazy in here. I’ve been flashing people the whole ride; you should see the looks people are giving us! Plus, we’ve got a whole panty party going on in here. If you guys were in this car you’d be peeing your pants in excitement. Half the time we’re half-naked. There’s a lot of titties and asses shaking back here. There’s some girl/girl action, you know we get bored sometimes and there’s only one thing to do. I actually got lube on my shorts…

SL: I’m surprised you don’t have caravans of cars following you along the way…

Angel Vain: We just started yesterday, so as we get rolling I’m sure they’ll be following us (laughs).

Coco Velvett: We actually stopped at one gas station and there was an old man smoking a cigar trying to peek through a hole and watch us pee.

Pete Housley: We pulled into Denver earlier and created quite a scene. Coco and I were walking out to the trailer with her bags and were accosted by a number of fans asking questions and taking pictures.

SL: Where are you now?

Angel Vain: We just crossed into Nebraska; we’re surrounded by corn and cows…

Coco Velvett: I don’t know what highway this is… I80? If anybody sees a red bra on I80, um, that one was mine. It kind of fell out the window…

SL: Yeah, I don’t think you’re getting that back.

Coco Velvett: But it was an accident.

SL: Sure it was. You know, you’d think a couple of hot porn stars out in the cornfields couldn’t possibly get into too much trouble. But, if there’s a way, I’m pretty sure you two will find it.

Angel Vain: Yeah, you’d think we couldn’t get into trouble, but I’m sure there’s something we can stir up. Coco’s been flashing people all over the place and waving her dildos out the window at people. It’s been a lot of fun.

Coco Velvett: I actually got a new dildo: it’s gold and ribbed for her pleasure… It’s an ear of corn! I actually got two of them for both holes.

SL: Both at the same time, or are you going to alternate?

Coco Velvett: We’ll see where it goes. I’ll put the big end in one end and the skinny end in the other and we’re good to go.

SL: I guess it depends on how boring that Midwestern highway gets. Are we going to be able to see pictures from this trip?

Coco Velvett: We are definitely going to Tweet some pictures in a little bit. We have to get them from the camera to the computer. It’ll be a little bit before we get them up (giggles).

SL: Pete, you are one of two dudes along for this trip. How awesome it is?

Peter Housley: Yep, we also got Eric from Adult Feature management with us, too. He’s driving, so we don’t let him talk.

SL: Eric, how awesome is it?

Eric Spencer: Best day ever! Miles of cornholes!

Peter Housley: I’m loving every minute of it. It’s just hard to keep the vodka from spilling everywhere. It’s actually been a very interesting day. Angel just signed with a new agency, OC Modeling. OC’s been trying to schedule her for her first anal shoot, so it has been an interesting day overhearing conversations between her and her agent trying to make this happen. It’s a Smutlife exclusive: Angel Vain is currently negotiating for her first anal scene!

SL: Congratulations!

Angel Vain: What? Oh, wait, I have to put my shirt back on… Oh, thank you! We’re just trying to decide on what company to go with. Right now we’re back and forth with a couple of different companies trying to negotiate a deal on it.

SL: What are you going to be doing at the Exxxtasy Show?

Coco Velvett: We’ll have pictures to sign, we have our DVDs and I’ll have some t-shirts. We’ll put on a fantabulous little booth for everyone to check out.

Angel Vain: I’m super excited: it’s going to be a ton of fun. I’m excited to see the crowd in Nebraska; I’ve never been here before. I’m curious to see what kind of clientele Nebraska has for porn stars!

SL: Where can all my Smutlife peeps follow this road trip of yours?

Angel Vain: My website is… I’m sorry, I’ve got Coco’s titties in my face, and I can’t concentrate! My website is and you can follow both of us on Twitter. Mine is and Coco’s is And, of course, you can follow our roadtrip on

We not only had some crazy fun on this trip as you read about in the interview but we also spent alot of time looking at cloud animals and shapes!!
Here is one we called “the sky is falling”

The Sky is Falling

We had some traffic and rain that slowed down our progress but we made it to Omaha Nebraska to our 2nd stop Bottoms up Lounge! Where I feature danced and had an amazing time with everyone there!!

So I spent Monday July 12th running errands mostly! I had to stop by Zero Tolerance’s Office and pick up DVDs for the Road trip up to the Chicago Exxxtacy Show and back! But then I made a special stop by OC Modeling’s office as well!

If you have not heard I signed a contract with OC Modeling for them to represent me. I am very excited about this union and I can not wait to see the magic we will make together!!

I will start shooting again after July 27th and I can’t wait!!!!

2010 was the first Exxxotica LA I signed with Go Ventures!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Angel Vain at Exxxotica LA

Angel Vain posing

Angel Vain signing autographs at Exxxotica LA

Angel Vain in car at Exxxotica LA

Angel Vain smelling a rose

Headed to the after party at La Vida.

Angel Vain headed to the after party at Exxxotica LA

Angel Vain's sore feet at Exxxotica LA

And then home with sore feet!!

And on to day 3!

Angel Vain Day 3 at Exxxotica LA

Angel Vain posing day 3 at Exxxotica LA

Angel Vain at the end of Exxxotica LA

There was really nothing special about the trip back to Cali except for this beautiful sun set over West Texas roads!

Texas sunset

The sunrise over Arizona!

Arizona sunrise

And the crazy duststorm…

crazy duststorm

I had to get a closer look…’

Closer look at duststorm

not quite sure its just dust! so i get closer …

The duststorm is a fire

turns out it was a fire … and me with no marshmallows!! :)

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